Markets We Serve

At US Facilities Lighting we provide LED Lighting & Energy Savings services as well as disinfection & sanitization solutions at four different types of facilities: industrial, commercial, institutional, and new construction.
Whether your goal is to save money by lowering your energy costs, to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, or to disinfect and sanitize your facility to protect against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria, US Facilities Lighting can help! Contact us for a free Energy Audit to find out how much your company can save.


Large industrial facilities can have sky-high energy costs, because of the sheer size of the area that needs to be lit. US Facilities Lighting can reduce your energy costs by 50-90%, providing your company with a significant savings. We can also disinfect and sanitize your entire facility!


If the energy costs at your commercial facility are an ongoing headache, or if you want to disinfect and sanitize the facility to keep your staff and customers safe, US Facilities Lighting can help.


Institutional facilities are also likely to have especially high energy costs due to the size of the space. Universities, government buildings, and other institutions must stay within budget, so anything that reduces energy costs is likely to be a huge help. Institutional facilities can also benefit from disinfection & sanitization to keep the public and employees safe.

New Construction

If you’re responsible for a new construction project, why not save money ahead of time with LED Lighting from US Facilities Lighting? We can reduce your energy costs and make your project more environmentally friendly!

At US Facilities Lighting we offer a free Energy Audit to determine whether your organization could save money with LED Lighting. Call 888-501-0960 or write to schedule your free Energy Audit!