LED Lighting | Power Optimization | Solar

US Facilities Lighting provides three turnkey facility services – all with a focus on energy, cost, and carbon foot print reduction

Reduce Operating costs, protect your equipment and increase equipment longevity, and push for net Zero.  Find huge energy and cost reductions for your facility with LED Lighting, Power Optimization, and Solar.  Learn more about our services. The benefits list for our services are too long to list.  

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LED Lighting Upgrades (Turnkey)

An LED lighting upgrade can drastically reduce your company’s energy costs, producing huge savings through utility cost reduction and maintenance reduction. 

With Utility Incentives, Federal tax incentives and No Capital upfront financing options, there is very little reason to not consider energy reduction projects.   

The first step in finding out how much money your facility (single or multiple) can save is to schedule an site audit with us.  A site audit and comprehensive energy/cost reduction report costs nothing.  Doing nothing is costly.  Write the management team at We respond quickly.


Power Optimization

The benefits of this technology are too long to list.  We’ll start with these below.   Receiving a highly accurate estimate of the benefits for your facility is simple.  Send a text or chat.  Or call 888-501-0960

•            Raises Voltage

•            Reduces KVAR

•            Reduces Amperage

•            Reduces KVA

•            Improves Power Factor

•            Eliminates Power Factor Penalties

•            Eliminates KVAR Penalties

•            Balance Voltage-IN-Phase

•            Reduces KW Demand and Overall KWH

•            Prevents Blip, Spikes, Surges, and Sags

•            50,000 Volts of -Surge Protection

•            Reduces Tripped Breakers

•            Prevents Costly Plant or Equipment Re-starts