LED Lighting & Energy Saving

US Facilities Lighting provides two different services:
Spending too much keeping all the lights on? Find huge energy cost reductions for your company with LED Lighting & Energy Savings from US Facilities Lighting. Need to disinfect your facility due to COVID-19 or other health issues? US Facilities Lighting can sanitize your facility completely, deactivating all viruses and bacteria with UV light. Learn more about our services here!
LED Lighting & Energy Savings
Are your lighting costs too high? LED lighting from US Facilities Lighting can drastically reduce your company’s energy costs, producing huge savings while also taking full advantage of Federal tax incentives. The first step in finding out how much money your company can save is to schedule a free Energy Audit with US Facilities Lighting
We’ll conduct a free Energy Audit of your facilities and prepare an Energy Analysis Report for you to review. It’s possible your energy consumption could already be within industry standards for efficiency, but if we discover the potential to substantially lower your operating costs, we’ll let you know what we can do to help! Call 888-501-0960 or write to schedule your appointment today
Disinfection & Sanitization
Many businesses have no choice but to remain open despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that safety is any less of a concern. What can you do to disinfect your facility and keep the people who work for you safe?
UV light has been scientifically proven to inactivate not only COVID-19 but every other type of virus and bacteria. US Facilities Lighting can use UV light for disinfection & sanitization of your entire facility, making it a safe place to work in or visit. Call 888-501-0960 or write to find out how we can help.