Contractors & New Construction

Let Us Supply You The Lighting For Your Next Project
US Facilities Lighting has can access to hundreds of LED manufacturers for commercial and industrial lighting. Due to direct relationships with manufacturers, we are a good pick to help contractors win projects. Not only can we supply fixtures, but provide the technology support and help during the installations.
If contractors want to dazzle their customer with technology options that range from the simple LED retrofit to a full programmable IoT option, they have our full support and expertise.
Contractors can also come to us for additional services that can set them apart from the competition – processing of utility incentives, estimates on federal tax deductions, and support for the engineering of those tax deductions.
In summary, for extensive technical expertise, up to 20% in LED lighting price savings of more on LED technology materials and savings, national project assistance capabilities, education on safety/emergency egress lighting technologies, processing of tax and utility incentives, we are your lighting provider.
Every facility requires a fresh look. Let us partner with you to help your customer or General Contractor.
Over budget on a project? Ask us for a LED Lighting technology quote. That 20% or more savings helps contractors push projects through for the betterment of the customer. Power back to the customer.

New Construction LED Lighting 

New construction projects present a great opportunity to save money and help the environment with LED lighting. US Facilities Lighting can install high efficiency lights in your new construction project, with savings of between 50 and 90% over conventional lights.  For new construction LED lighting,  call US Facilities Lighting!

High Efficiency LED Lighting
Inefficiency means wasted money. If you’re in charge of a new construction project, get it started the right way with LED from US Facilities Lighting. We provide LED lighting & energy solutions for new construction projects, eliminating inefficiency while also helping the environment. When your project is complete, you’ll be able to proudly represent it as an energy-efficient building capable of substantially reducing the owner’s or tenant’s energy costs.
Disinfection & Sanitization
In the COVID-19 era, people want to know that any building they enter is free of dangerous germs that can cause serious illness. What can you do to remove harmful bacteria and viruses from your new construction project? One of the most effective solutions is to disinfect & sanitize the building with UV light!
US Facilities Lighting can disinfect & sanitize your new construction facility with UV light, inactivating any bacteria or viruses from any surface – including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
How does our disinfection & sanitization procedure work? UV light destroys the external protein coating of the coronavirus, which has the effect of inactivating it. Call us today for a free assessment – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our UV disinfection & sanitization process.
For new construction LED lighting, disinfection & sanitization, call US Facilities Lighting at 888-501-0960 or write!