LED Lighting & Energy Saving​

LED Lighting & Energy Savings
Waste equals inefficiency… and inefficiency means leaving money on the table. US Facilities Lighting is a high efficiency lighting company that specializes in LED lighting & energy solutions. We can provide savings of 50-90% for our industrial and commercial clients. Companies all over the US are realizing those savings every single day.
While “green energy” might once have been seen as a fashionable buzzword rather than a practical benefit, that is no longer the case. US Facilities Lighting can provide serious, bottom-line results through energy savings.
Energy Savings of 50-90%
LED lighting technology has come a long way. Intelligent lighting can be set to turn the lights down or off when no one is in the room, or to dim the lights when a room is filled with natural daylight.
This technology is being implemented by businesses all over the country, and companies are beginning to realize that there is a cost for waiting to make the switch. In addition, federal tax incentives and utility incentives can provide even deeper savings. In some situations, financing is available and can be used to create a positive cash flow from day one.
Facts About LED Lighting
LED is the top choice for two reasons: the many improvements to the technology over the past several years, and its affordability compared to other options.
Approximately 20% of all global energy consumption is due to lighting.
New technological breakthroughs are happening all the time, and LED is expected to keep getting more efficient while providing a more pleasant and comfortable source of light.
At US Facilities Lighting we offer a free Energy Audit to determine whether your organization could benefit from LED lighting & energy savings. Call 888-501-0960 or write mflagstad@usfacilitieslighting.com to schedule your free Energy Audit!